Why you would like to join Google?

Why you would like to join Google?

  You may have solid reason to apply a job in Google ? e.g. Its brand name, Its salary, Its work environment, Its Technology or something else. Your answer would be tuned to what you are, and what you would like to be or something else. This is one of the sample answer from a professional who has…

Real Estate Professionals in India

What should be the resume format for real-estate professionals in India ?

Recently I met with a candidate who applied fire & Safety officer job at one of the real estate company. During the interview he handed over his resume to the interview panel but no body understood his resume. That candidate tried to present himself as a fire and safety officer with years of experience in that area, but from no where it tells that the candidate have any expertise in fire & Safety area.

His resume was 7 pages long, and that has each and every information, even he did somewhere a day course he mentioned that information as well. Interviewer tried their best to understand his resume, but everything was zig-zag, and after 15 minutes and then 20 minutes interviewer gave up, and said ” we will tell you result later and thanks for coming”.

What went wrong ?, no idea to that candidate, and then I reviewed the resume of that candidate, and asked few questions.